10 Important MCQ Question & Answer for WBCS / IAS on Chemistry

MCQ on Chemistry

1. Lunar caustic is –

A) Caustic Soda
B) Silver Nitrate
C) Ammonium Chloride
D) Calcium Sulphate

Ans: B) Silver Nitrate

2. The formula for cane sugar is –

B) C7H8O
C) C6H12O6
D) C12H12O11

Ans: D) C12H12O11

3. The Law of Octaves was stated by

A) Lothar Meyer
B) T.W. Richards
C) J.A.R. Newlands
D) Victor Meyer

Ans: C) J.A.R. Newlands

4. Nitre is –

B) KMnO4
C) CaOCl2
D) NaNO3

Ans: A) KNO3

5. ‘Hypo’ is –

A) Potassium Nitrate
B) Sodium Nitrate
C) Ammonium Chloride
D) Sodium Thiosulphate

Ans: D) Sodium Thiosulphate

6. Which among the following is a metalloid?

A) Silver
B) Copper
C) Arsenic
D) Iodine

Ans: C) Arsenic

7. Quick lime has the formula –

A) Ca(OH)2
B) Na2CO3
C) CaO

Ans: C) CaO

8. Brine is a solution of

A) Sulphur in carbon disulphise
B) Potassium iodide in water
C) Iodine in alcohol
D) Sodium chloride in water

Ans: D) Sodium chloride in water

9. Alum is used –

A) in the purification of water
B) as a disinfeetant
C) as an analgesic
D) as a fertilizer

Ans: A) in the purification of water

10. The proton was discovered by

A) Thomson
B) Goldstein
C) Faraday
D) Newton

Ans: A) Thomson

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